Video Coaching

     If you need some coaching but can't find a coach close enough I am always available.  You can send your videos to me and I will send you back a detailed analisis of your throwing.  I can do this for all the throwing events (Shot, Discus, Javelin, Hammer, and even the Weight).  Nothing can replace a good coach being right there with you, being able to show you and place you in the right positions, but the next best thing is to have a good coach analyze videos of yourself throwing. 
     All you have to do (if you can) is send me at least 4 videos of each event you want analized.  One or two directly from the back, one or two diectly from the left side, one or two directly from the right side, and if able without getting someone hurt one or two from directly in front.  if you want to send me a few more from other angles that is up to you.  It would be nice if you could even send a video or two of you throwing during competition, so I can see how different you may throw while relaxed at practice compared to how you throw when in the heat of competition.  If possible one from each angle to see how consistant you are.  If I see completely different glaring mistakes on each video then I know you are very inconsistant (probably early in your throwing creer) and that will be the first thing to work on.
When I send back analysis of your videos I will give a full analysis of your throw from what I see at each angle, listing all that I see that needs to be changed or fixed.  But I do not want you to try to fix them all.  I will give you just a few things I feel you need to change and fix first, and those few things may fix a couple other problems automatically. 
     Each move builds to the next, the angle of the body or a lever can effect the next phase, center of gravity and balance has to be in the right place at the right time, the relationship of the lower body to the upper body will effect each of these other important factors.  Even the equipment you use can have a dramatic effect on your performance. 
     Some other very important things outside of throwing itself that can make big differences are your sleep habbits, what you eat/drink and when you eat and drink them, your fitness training as in weights, cardio, rest periods and so much more.  
     Two of the most important things is making and writing down your goals short term and long term, and and the second is your ATTITUDE and your state of mind about your goals, this alone can make or break you.
     With all that said, I am more than happy to help you, coach you and answer any of your questions about any aspect of throwing.  I look forward to hearing from you and together building you into a solid, consistant, confident, dominant, competitive thrower.
Randy Barnes considered one of the best ever!
Jackson Spalding an athlete I coached for six years became a four time Colorado State Champion, twice in the shot and twice in the discus.