LIFT Sponsors

Sponsorship of LIFT can go a long way to help young local athletes in a few different way.  Helping them to pay for team registration, meet entry fees, travel costs, or just serveses your sponsorship offers. 

Sponsorship levels and perks are as follows:

                  Nickel Sponsor -           Services/Discounts Only    Team T-Shirt
                  Bronze Sponsor -         $100-$800/Services              Team T-Shirt + Sponsor Certificate
                  Silver Sponsor -            $801-$1200/Services            Team T-Shirt + Sponsor Plaque
                  Gold Sponsor -              $1201-$2000/Services         Team T-Shirt + Polo Shirt + Medium Plaque
                  Platinum -                      $2001-$3000/Services         Team T-Shirt + Polo Shirt + Large Plaque
         Along with the above listed gifts, benefits of being a sponsor can be as follows with your approval!
         Sponsorship designation and web link on the LIFT club website
         Sponsorship designation on track club banner and club fliers
         Acknowledgment in public announcements at our home LIFT Invite of over 400 youth athletes
         Banner exposure at State, Regional, and National Championships

Select Physical Therapy
A Nickel Sponsor

Select Physical Therapy is a proud supporter of the Let It Fly Track Club. Our experienced therapists work with athletes of all ages using a variety of specialized techniques to ensure you reach your recovery goals. Each clinician works individually with their patient in a safe and encouraging environment to ensure you receive the best care possible. Select Physical Therapy has 7 locations in and around Colorado Springs to make access convenient for all athletes. We accept a large variety of insurance plans and no referral from a doctor is necessary to receive treatment at our facilities. We, at Select Physical Therapy, understand how important it is to stay healthy as an athlete. We are here to support you and make you the best athletes you can be! Please call any of our 7 clinics for a complimentary evaluation from one of our therapists. All of our services and locations are listed here: